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About Our Cakes

Our cakes are baked to order, our order volume may delay shipping times.  If you need a cake on a special day please visit our Special Orders page or click the Special Orders button, we will need 3 days notice by noon, before the event for any special orders to plan and ensure you receive your treats on time.

TrashyCakes whatever  you choose alcoholic or non alcoholic you will always get the best flavor combinations.  Our  cakes are made to order so you will always get it fresh no worries.  Our non alcoholic cakes are made to excite your taste buds if you like traditional flavor or you want to take it to another level we got you.  Our alcoholic cakes liquors are chosen to only enhance and compliment the already unmatched flavor of our delicious treats.  Our pride is in our flavor.  You are on the right track to experiencing something epic..... So what are you waiting for???

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